Just Watercolor

Painting with watercolors should be fun, shouldn't it?

You’ve tried to start painting. You bought supplies, got them all out on the table, pulled out a fresh sheet of paper...and all you feel is paralyzed.

You’re trying to learn but don’t know if you should be practicing brush strokes or painting flowers to get better.

You're frustrated with yourself because what comes out on paper is not what you had imagined in your mind.

You’ve watched plenty of video tutorials but you’re still lost on how to work your palette and you have more questions than ever. You’re trying to piece together how to watercolor on your own, with no help.

You wish someone would just guide you step-by-step in an order that actually makes sense, and that you had a way you could just ask questions when you need to.


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This is great way to see if watercolors are “your thing”. The course offers introductory info about watercolors and gives you the opportunity to try at your own pace without any pressure. Supply guidelines help to avoid spending on unnecessary gadgets, which is so common when getting into a new field.
— Monika K.