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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Starting Watercolors


You can learn watercolors without wondering if you’re doing it ‘right’.

All it really takes is understanding the basic fundamentals, a little guidance, and a lot of encouragement.

But it isn’t easy when there isn’t really a rule book to follow and the internet is full of way too much info.


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    • You bought the supplies and setup a nice painting area for yourself. You read up on how to watercolor and watched tutorials on YouTube. You have the motivation to paint, and you actually sit down and paint. Except it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.

    • You’ve bought some supplies, but you’re not sure if you got the right ones because every tutorial you watch uses different tools.

    • You try to practice, but it’s just not turning out well because you’re not quite sure how to get the right ratio of water and paint.

    • You feel inspired to paint, but instead you waste time browsing Pinterest because you don’t know what to paint.

    • You sit down to paint, but feel frustrated because what comes out on paper is not what you had in mind


    You know deep down that you’re artistic.

    You know you have what it takes to learn a new skill.

    You know you’re ready to paint some beautiful things.

    (or not…but that’s ok because you know it’s all part of the process)


    I completely understand those feelings.

    Because that was me! I had been away from creating art for more than a decade. And all of a sudden I found myself wanting to get back into it. I chose watercolors as my new creative outlet and never looked back. 

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    Think about how it’ll be when:

    • You can browse the (virtual) aisles of the art supply shop like a pro and know how to look for exactly what you need.

    • You have a good grasp of how much water to mix in with your watercolor paints and you know how to adjust the water ratio to your liking.

    • You’re brain is full of ideas and you’re so inspired that you can’t wait until you can sit down and put paint to paper.

    • You can look at your paintings confidently as ‘progress’ instead of criticizing yourself for making ‘ugly’ work.

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    I know that even if you believe it’s possible to learn and get good at watercolors, you’re still doubting your artistic abilities. I have wasted my share of paper and felt disappointed at my own work, but you don’t have to go through that alone!

    I can help you get started by building a foundation in watercolors step-by-step so you can get past the confusing beginner phase and be confident moving forward!

    I just want to take this opportunity to say how very pleased I am with the course. The step by step approach of starting from the very beginning and working up from there is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve learned far more in a few hours watching these lessons than I did after completing 12 hours of live watercolor classes.
    — Bill
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    Just Watercolor Logo

    An online course that will help you build a foundation in watercolor and start creating with confidence.

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    You can stop scrolling for inspiration and wondering what to paint.

    Just Watercolor is all about putting paint to paper and feeling confident knowing that you’re moving in the right direction with watercolors.


    Get Notified When Course Sales Re-open

    Just Watercolor is currently closed for sign-ups. The best way to hear about sales is by joining the waitlist. Enter your email address below and I’ll let you know when your next chance is to join us in the course!

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      I know you’re probably thinking that sounds great, but…

      It doesn’t matter how much instruction you get - your paintings are not going to magically improve.

      And I’m not going to lie. The truth is, your work is not going to improve overnight.
      Mine didn’t either.


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      Hi, I’m Susan
      And this is why I created Just Watercolor

      I discovered watercolors during a particularly challenging time in my life. While recovering from a bad flare of my chronic kidney disease, I was looking for something to distract me from stress and anxiety. I stumbled on some old watercolor supplies and quickly realized that it had been over 10 years since I made any kind of art.

      I started with my old supplies and timidly painted something unimpressive. But I was hooked. I became obsessed with figuring out which supplies to buy and how I could improve. When I was painting I forgot all about the other things I was dealing with at the time.

      I’ve heard too many times from beginners how much they want to paint, but don’t know how to get started or don’t believe that they are artistic enough. I created this course because I believe in the power of having a creative outlet.  I’m here to help you start painting, encourage your artistic side, and build your confidence to keep watercoloring. I’m here to guide you - so let’s paint!


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      I had taken some watercolor classes in the past few years, so I had the basics of watercolor. My hesitation was that with my prior knowledge, this class would be too basic and a waste of my money. My reasoning for taking the class was to add to my prior knowledge and thought maybe the way Susan taught, I would still learn something. I am so happy that I took the class. It was very educational. And Susan is so willing to freely share her knowledge with you. You will not be disappointed!
      — STACEY B.
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      Here’s what you’ll learn inside Just Watercolor



      We’ll review the supply checklist so you can purchase what you need based on your budget. We'll also chat about the best way to keep an open mind and enjoy the process of learning this beautiful medium!


      Module 1: Supplies + Setup

      We’ll go into a detailed review of all the basic watercolor supplies and get your workspace set up so that you're ready to get painting!

      Module 2:  Techniques & Brush Stroke Exercises

      You’ll learn how to manage water while painting, the basic watercolor techniques and explore what your brushes can do. We will also review brush stroke exercises to practice control.

      Module 3: Color Theory & Color Mixing

      We’ll go over basic color theory and learn all about color mixing. You’ll see how you can use a limited palette to mix up a spectrum of colors along with how to create depth and interest in your paintings.


      Module 4: Application Projects

      In this module, we'll look at the techniques and elements that make up watercolor paintings. I'll take you step-by-step through 3 application projects. Each project focuses on highlighting specific techniques and different ways of combining them to create finished pieces.


      Module 5: Discovering Your Style

      We’ll take a look at everything we’ve learned, how it applies to anything you want to try and paint. You'll take a look at your own paintings and your unique natural style so that you can continue forward confident and excited to continue painting!

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      Get Notified When Course Sales Re-open

      Just Watercolor is currently closed for sign-ups. The best way to hear about sales is by joining the waitlist. Enter your email address below and I’ll let you know when your next chance is to join us in the course!

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        You also get this GREAT bonus…

        A Members-Only Community & Additional Watercolor Support!

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        While you are not required to join the group, you may find it helpful while navigating watercolors as a beginner.

        In the group you’ll have:

        • A safe space to share work, get feedback, and get your questions answered by me!

        • Access to all previous and future live Q&A office hours, special tutorials, and demos (that I don’t share anywhere else!)

        • Access to a friendly community of peers excited about watercolors too.


        Frequently Asked Questions


        Do I get access to the full course all at once?


        How long will I have access to the course?

        You will have lifetime access.

        How many lessons are in each module and in what format?

        The number of lessons vary per module. I’ve split up each module into small digestable lessons so that it is easy to go back and reference (without having to scroll through a long video). Module 1, for example has 7 lessons. All lessons are video with audio consisting on a mix of live overhead and closeup shots as well as some slides.

        What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

        Access to a computer with internet connection, an email account, basic watercolor supplies, and a willingness to make mistakes.

        Can I use the watercolor supplies I already have at home?

        Yes of course! However, you may want to watch the supplies module to make sure you feel confident in the performance of your current supplies)

        What watercolor supplies will I need to take the course?

        I guide you through exactly what supplies I recommend, so if you don’t already have supplies you may want to watch that lesson first! But in general, you’ll need at minimum: 3 primary paint colors, a round brush, a palette, watercolor paper, a cup of water and a towel.

        What if I want a refund?

        I am happy to issue a refund within the first 14 days, no questions asked.


        More than anything, what I really want is for you to find your creative outlet.

        When you feel inspired to make stuff, I hope you follow that feeling.

        Don’t worry about if you’re good enough (because you are) and just create because it makes you happy.

        If it’s watercolors that are calling you, I’m here to support and encourage you as you get started.

        Let’s paint together, shall we?

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        THANK YOU for offering Just Watercolor! I enjoyed each module and even though I had done similar exercises in previous watercolor classes, I still gained much insight from your point of view. Susan is definitely an excellent teacher. Hope to see more classes in the future.
        — JO
        My main struggle before starting the course was mainly water control and loading pigment. I felt that Susan went through this very well. I have already seen improvement in my brush strokes which are more precise and controlled and I’m much better at not introducing too much water to my pieces.
        — Hellen
        I found getting into watercolors really daunting. Even though I already had a bunch of paints and brushes, I had no idea what to paint or how to start. The lessons and easygoing teaching style made me feel like I was able to dive into the subject without feeling too overwhelmed or confused. The pace was great, not too fast and not too slow - and the lessons were the perfect length of time. Although now I’m wishing it was longer!
        — Michelle
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